Twig & Leaf Meditation

Breathe, Balance, Calm

Lu is a Meditation Teacher, who is fully qualified in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness.  Lu has been holding classes since 2019, firstly from North Ringwood, and now from her clinic, situated in the beautiful, leafy area of Doncaster East.

The classes held at Twig & Leaf Meditation, are for both beginner and those with some experience. Groups are deliberately kept small, with no more than 4 people per class.

Allow Lu to help you with your journey with Meditation and Mindfulness, as each class explores different techniques, and will help you incorporate Meditation into your daily routine.

Even 5 minutes a day can help improve your overall wellbeing.  Just imagine how it would feel, and all the benefits you could gain, if you Meditated for 30 minutes a day?!

The Benefits of Meditation

After a short period, 6-8 weeks, of the practise of daily Meditation:

  • Cognitive function improves, that means the following improves:
    • Working memory
    • Sustained attention and focus
    • Concentration and accuracy
  • Grey Matter density changes in the parts of the brain that controls:
    • The Stress Response (Fight or Flight Response) – known as the Amygdala, this area increases in density. This means that you are less likely to feel as stressed.
    • Emotional Response – the grey matter increases in area, which means eg: changes in anger response inducing situations, meaning you are less likely to react angrily.  A more even tempered response is more likely.
    • The areas that control, or are associated with, depression and PTSD, are lessened/decreased in size, therefore improving the feeling of wellbeing and happiness.
  • Increases body awareness and self-awareness (there’s a difference!)
  • Increases overal wellbeing
  • There is a reduction in the pain response ie: perception of pain changes for the better.  Very helpful for those living with serious illnesses eg: cancer.
  • Helps with those struggling with addictions
  • Better quality of sleep